Santa’s Outposts

One of Santa’s outposts been built for the lead up to Christmas , one of many outposts that Prop Me Up has asked me to assist on .


The building of Santa’s Outposts

Working for “Prop Me Up”, A leading premium event production and marketing company. They stock a unique range of event furniture and props for rental. This building is one of a number of “Santa’s Grottos” for Christmas , Santa has commissioned a number of Grotto’s around Ireland in order to meeting and greet the children of Ireland.


Any type of flooring fitting , just ring or email for a appointment



Simply measure the space, and use the link below to calculate area of flooring required , purchase your flooring as this will reduce the costing of the fitting considerable

For general idea of the costing of purchasing flooring , follow this link

Kitchen refurbishment “Round Towers Gaa”

The club kitchen required base Units reposition in order to accommodate a dishwasher, A drawer unit was repositioned with the removal of a shelving base unit , all kickboards were replaced during the refurbishment

Another task in the refurbishment was to devise a light shutter to be simply installed into a opening over the counter top into the main meeting hall if the kitchen needed to be closed or a reduction in the opening while serving during functions and to also include a storage casing to place shutters during none use

Picture Rail for a local clubs collection of Past & Present players 

The task was to provide two rows of pictures rails and prepare pictures frames for hanging, The Round Towers Gaa club of Kildare Town wanted to exhibit the clubs collection of Photos of players, club members, supporters from the past & present

Also there were important milestones in picture, which gave a timeline of the progression of club & county players who proudly wore the Black & Amber of the club , and the Lillywhite jersey of the county